Photos: Announcing the 137th 2012 Troy Fair Floral Dept. 17 Winners


Announcing the 137th 2012 Troy Fair Floral Dept. 17 Winners

Marianne Dunbar's Living Wreathe display.

Co-superintendents Laura Steele and Barb Andrus announce the flower winners of the 137th Troy Fair Flower Exhibit Dept. 17. They expected to have a decrease in the number of entries this year due to the summer’s heat and lack of rain, but were pleasantly surprised when the entry numbers exceeded last year. In the Senior Division were 34 exhibiters with 217 entries compared with this year’s Senior Division of 38 exhibitors and 242 entries. In the Junior Division, last year’s exhibitors were 11 and their entries were 100 compared to this year’s 18 exhibitors entered 139 entries.

They had more foliage exhibits of exceptional quality this year. There was a variety of showy lilies and some gorgeous colors of gladiolas. Greg Veleker from Towanda has brought his extensive variety of Bonsai for show. They also had a nice variety of cacti, succulents and dish gardens. Only one dahlia was entered, which was the same as last year.

Announcing the 137th 2012 Troy Fair Floral Dept. 17 Winners

Marianne Dunbar and her husband.

They plan to make a change in the Daisy category to Rudbeckia. They also are going to study the types of lilies and differentiate the classes in more detail There will also be a new category next year, Fairy Gardens:

The Winners of the Senior Division as follows:

The Dan Roy Memorial Award sponsored by the Heritage Garden Club of $20 was awarded to Marianne Dunbar of Columbia Cross Roads for her large display “Living Wreathe”.  Her “Living Wreathe” made of Picta Philodendron, Fittonia, Polka Dot plant and more also won the  Best of Show Plant Award. This is Marianne’s first time entering in the Troy Fair. Her husband has been telling her she should enter, and she thinks she will enter again next year. The wire frame came from Kinsman Nursery in Point Pleasant Pa. Check it out on-line at Kinsman Garden Company. The wire frame has a half-circle saucer-like container to hold the potting soil which has kept it fresh looking all week. She started with the Maiden hair ferns and ajuga and then added the impatiens, Oregon Moss and New Zealand sphagnum helped keep it moist.

Announcing the 137th 2012 Troy Fair Floral Dept. 17 Winners

Best of Show Foliage by Marianne Dunbar.

Best of Show in Foliage Award was given to Marianne Dunbar’s Succulent Dish Garden a variety of 4 in container.

The Grand Champion and Best of Show Flower Award was received by Stuart Wilcox of Mudcreek Road, Troy for his breath-taking Asian-Star Gazer Lily in an antique pitcher.

Stuart says this is his first year entering. When asked what prompted him to enter, he said “Jim Denkenberger and Gerald Pratt were egging me on. I’d been working on these all year and someone double-dogged dared me.” It was the competition especially against Gerald that he entered and not for the money. Stuart donated his prize money back to the Troy Fair.

The Sweepstakes Award, for the most Blue ribbons was awarded to Diane Bradford of Troy. She won 36 blue ribbons; Karen Bracken from Sayre was a close contender of 30 blue ribbons.

Announcing the 137th 2012 Troy Fair Floral Dept. 17 Winners

Stuart Wilcox.

Diane has been the Sweepstakes winner for the last four years. One large display she has entered, knowing that it would not be prize worthy because a bird (a Tufted Titmouse) made a nest in the flowers. She could not put all the plants in it or water because of the nest.

Each day for five days, the bird laid a new egg in the nest and sat on them.  Diane even put a fence around them to keep the crows out. She took pictures of the event as you see in her photo. The bird started laying the eggs on June 5, they hatched on June 23 and left the nest on June 27.

The Winner of the Most Unusual Award was received by Karen A. Bracken of Sayre.

Karen Kuykendall Bracken wins Most Unusual Award with her “Firesticks” Euphorbia Turu calli. This is  Karen’s second year entering exhibits. Her large display of purple, lavender and white flowers called “Baby Cradle”. The colors are very soothing and there were many comments on the arrangement. “Baby Cradle” large display by Karen Braken top purple and white flowers are an annual Angelonian.

Announcing the 137th 2012 Troy Fair Floral Dept. 17 Winners

Diane Bradford, Sweepstakes Winner.

The Tropical Award sponsored by the Heritage Garden Club was awarded to Gene Martin for his Grapefruit Tree.

Gene entered this tree last year, and it is evident that it has grown since then. He said the roots are getting bigger and he will have to find a bigger pot again.

The Winners of the Floral Junior Division are as follows;

The Dan Roy Memorial Award for large display is awarded to Martina Bradford of Troy. Martina has entered for the first time last year. Her large display of a variety of color in an iron tricycle with butterflies for an attractive accent.

Martina said she learned some more flowers she named Bachelor Buttons, Delphiniums and Day lilies. She said she had to dead-head a pot and if it rains you have to have a shed to put your pots in there. She will bring more entries next year. She won three blue ribbons and Grand Champion and the Dan Roy Award last year.

Announcing the 137th 2012 Troy Fair Floral Dept. 17 Winners


The Sweepstakes Award for the most blue ribbons was awarded to Nicholas Stein. He also won the Best of Show in foliage Award for his stunning pink and green Caladium. He won 30 blue ribbons. He has entered for four years and says he has learned flower names Impatiens, snapdragons and Bonsai. He may enter a petunia next year.

The Grand Champion and Best of Show Award in Flower was received by Michaela Newell from Troy. It is “Mick’s” first time entering a display, and she was prompted by her great grandmother, Kay Rathbun.  Her flawless white Floribunda Rose was of exceptional quality. Mick likes roses as one of her favorites, the smell and their beauty. She has learned a lot of flowers names while helping to fill out the entry tags and what to pick and not to pick. She will enter again next year.

Announcing the 137th 2012 Troy Fair Floral Dept. 17 Winners

Bracken, winner of Most Unusual Award.

The Junior Most Unusual Award was given to Paige McCarthy from Gillett for her Succulent Dish Garden arranged in a gourd. Paige has entered for a couple of years. Her grandmother Shirley McCarthy (a Master Gardener) teaches her a lot.  Paige remembers the names of Cone flowers, Butterfly bush, Sea holly and Hydrangeas. She will be entering next year.

The Junior Tropical Award was awarded to Courtnie Hoffman for her Prize worthy-Foliage Hoya. In variations of green foliage. Courtnie has entered for three years, and she has learned to “Bring the Best One!”


Other first time entrants were Sally Eick of Columbia Cross Roads. She entered a beautiful purple Gloxenia. She says they have sold their farm and cows, so now she has time to play around. She plans to enter again next year.

Announcing the 137th 2012 Troy Fair Floral Dept. 17 Winners

Baby Cradle.

Also, Vivienne Slear from Roaring Branch is a first timer.  She enjoyed entering her cosmos and coneflowers and will enter again next year.

Future Junior Entrants will be coming from Diane Bradford’s family. Marissa Bradford, age two and a half, and with the help of Grandma Diane, has planted her first pot this year and will be a future contender with her sister Martina.

In conclusion, organizers would like to thank everyone who has entered flower and plant specimens this year. They would also like to thank  this year’s judges for making the difficult decisions.

They would also like to thank the members of the Heritage Garden Club Liz Hart, Beverly Hunter and Sharon Brown for helping water and maintain the specimen flowers and plants throughout fair week. They would also like to commend the Troy Fair maintenance crew for cleaning up all the downed trees so rapidly. They would finally like to thank the Grange for offering a hand with giving out the prize money and ribbons to the winners.